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Options Online is a free online platform where you can learn lifelong essential skills to help improve your future

What You Will Learn

Be prepared for the real world and become a better version of yourself by developing your essential skills

Life Skills

Tired of being late and problems with friends? Learn to be on-time and deal with conflict in the right way

Workplace Readiness

Learn to be an effective co-worker and get that next promotion

Money Management

Stressed about money? Feel dumb when you go to the bank? This course will make you confident with your money

Job Searching

How do I find a job in this world? Find out how to make you job searching easier

Become an expert

Pick your journey! Options Online is designed to cater to the different preferences of our learners. Whether you are an aspiring new entrepreneur looking to start your own business, find full time employment, return to school or pick up a few new skills, there is a journey choice for everyone!

Fully Gamified

Compete by learning and improving your skills

Options Online is fully gamified, allowing you to gain experience points as you learn, level up and compete against other learners.  Go from a newbie to a master learner and reach the top of the leaderboard!

Discussion Boards

Engage, learn, and share with other all other learners like you

Discussion boards give you an opportunity to share with other learners and with the instructor, as you would in a traditional classroom. This will help you absorb the lesson materials and share your ideas. 


“I definitely want to say that [Options Online] helped me a lot by finding me this job with Amanda (current employer), because it set me up with someone that is understanding with the problems that I deal with and helps me through the barriers I had.”

– Mackenzie

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What is Options Online?

Options Online is an online learning platform where you can learn essential skills that twill help you improve your future.

Does Options Online Cost anything?

No, we are strong believers that education should be free for everyone.

How will Options Online help me with future employment?

Options Online will help you develop the essential skills that will help you gain and stay employed.


Do I need an account to access the modules?

Yes, you need to sign up with an account to access the modules. Signing up is free!

What sort of courses should I expect?

You can expect a wide range of courses on this website, ranging from but not limited to resume building to emotional regulation.

Can I request topics of my own choosing?

Yes, we would love to hear more about what you want to learn. Submit here: 

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