Finding Your Niche in a Service-Based Industry


47m 27s


If you just can't seem to find your niche, it might be that you've been looking in the wrong places. We're taught to look for "profitable markets" to uncover our niche. That might work, but it probably won't, especially in the long-term. Before looking at external opportunities, we should take the time to explore our internal motivators. When we figure out what's important to us, we can then find others who share similar values. After that, it is simply a case of connecting our services to our values. This leads us to our niche. In this course I will teach you how to: ● Tune into your values - the things that matter to you ● Connect those values to your work ● Find and serve others who believe the same as you do Stop chasing markets, hopping from one thing to the next. Look inward and discover what'd important to you. This course will guide you on your path, and by the end you'll be able to confidently niche down and forget everything else you've learned about niching.


● Understand what truly motivates you in your work and life ● Learn how to connect your values and purpose to your work ● Learn how to authentically build authority in your niche ● Know the difference between selling and serving ● Get all the tools you need to figure out your niche ● Get answers to common niching down questions

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