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The Options Youth Program

Options Youth is a virtual employability program facilitated by the Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre. It consists of paid, online, milestone-based skill training, followed by a paid work placement. Options Youth is committed to helping youth overcome barriers to enter the workforce through personalized training.

Next Cohort: Spring 2022                        11 Courses

Trade Industry 101

Have you thought about starting your own business? Sign up here and you will learn the basics of starting your own business.

Next Cohort: TBA                                     TBA Courses

Education Focused

Interested in pursuing further education, we can help you learn how to learn, get focused and make sure you get the grades you want.

Next Cohort: TBA                                     TBA Courses

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate

The Certificate takes a customized approach to providing relevant skills training and exposure to entrepreneurship, with the goal of helping individuals feel prepared to reenter a new and changed job market, return to work, or start their own business.

Next Cohort: Nov 2020                           8 Courses

Career Planning

Learn effective steps to planning your next 10 years and develop skills to be whatever you want to be.   

Next Cohort: TBA                                     TBA Courses

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