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Options Online is here to help you and your youth achieve the goals the are right for you. 

What you get in Options Enterprise

Partner with us and help achieve your organizational goals. 

User Management

Create and monitor your user accounts. Assign journeys/ courses and engage with them throughout the platform. 

Social Enterprise

Help support organizations with a sole mission to help support youth develop their skills. 

Analytics and Tracking

Custom analytics to track participants progress, completion rate and users.

Organizational Branding

Customizing your own Learning Management System to promote within your organization and to your users.

Personalized Learning

Assign journeys/course to your learners or allow them to choose their own learning paths. 

Access Library of Content

Our amazing instructors are constantly building courses to help support youth across Canada.

Making your Learners experts 

Help support your learners but signing up for a youth dedicated platform that can help them grow their skillset, add tools to their tools box and  prepare them for the ever changing workforce.

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